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Final Report - Autonomous Search and Rescue with ScanEagle, [pdf]

Autonomous UAV path planning and estimation, [pdf]

CSL: A Language to Specify and Re-Specify Mobile Sensor Network Behaviors, [pdf]

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Demonstration Videos

    2009 Movies

  • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking Flight
  • Collaborative Contorl Performed with Real-Time Java Validation Flight
  • Collaborative Contorl Performed with Real-Time Java HIL Simulation

    2008 Movies

  • Remote Tasking and Collaborative Control
  • Remote UAV Tasking Using iPhone

    2007 Movies

  • Collaborative Sensing Language

    2005/2006 Movies

  • Found Here
  • Canal Detection and Following
  • Road Detection - HWY 101

    2004 Movies

  • Urban Swarm Animation
  • Multi UAV Coordination Simulation
  • Multi UAV Coordination Flight
  • Balloon Detection Simulation
  • Balloon Detection Flight
  • Fixed Point Tracking
  • Moving Target Tracking
  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Road Following and Lane Dection
  • Obstacle Avoidance Animation
  • Urban Obstacle Avoidance Simulation
  • Urban Obstacle Avoidance Animation

    2003 Movies

  • Road Following HIL Simulation
  • Road Following HIL Animation
  • Road Following and Lane Detection Flight