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Final Report - Autonomous Search and Rescue with ScanEagle, [pdf]

Autonomous UAV path planning and estimation, [pdf]

CSL: A Language to Specify and Re-Specify Mobile Sensor Network Behaviors, [pdf]

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Center for Collaborative Control of Unmanned Vehicles

The Center for Collaborative Control of Unmanned Vehicles (C3UV) at the University of California, Berkeley is an interdisciplinary group focusing on the fundamental theoretical developments necessary to allow teams of unmanned vehicles to operate autonomously, without extensive monitoring and intervention by human operators.

We have focused primarily on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and have developed a small fleet of UAVs outfitted with commercial avionics packages, PC104 microcomputers, wireless communications, and an array of sensing capabilities. Our experimental platform provides a means to validate a number of fundamental issues related to autonomous operation and collaboration of heterogeneous teams, such as sensing and control, path planning, obstacle and collision avoidance, communications, task decomposition and allocation, cooperative execution, and information sharing.


Center of Collaborative Control of Unmanned Vehicles
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